Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ledgemere Campground

I LOVE our new tradition of tinfoil dinners at Ledgemere Campground in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  We started doing this last year, and continued the tradition this summer.  We got a late start coming to Ledgemere because of the colder Spring, so we tried to pack it all in during July and August!

First campfire of the season!  In attendance:  Jake and Tey and kids, Brad and Jenn and kids, Us, and Grandpa Dan!  We always try to get this campfire spot because the kids can climb around the dirt hill and the climbing rocks.

Our little climbers!

Cute buddies.  Looks like Alivia and Hayes didn't miss out on the S'mores with those chocoately faces.
Bowen is the best marshmallow toaster!  He's better than the adults too.  Look at that toasted perfection!

Our last campfire dinner was a "good-bye" dinner for Joanna and Chris.  We've loved having them join us for these campfires too!  This event was in August, the day before they were moving Chris to Oregon to start Law School.  We will miss them!
I just noticed something in these pictures of Alivia. She is crying in the first picture, and then happy in the next picture.  What could be the cause of the happiness?  Yep, looks like a carbonated beverage.

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Joanna and Chris said...

Yes and notice how I am only slightly touching Alivia from a distance...that was when she still hated me. Good times. I miss Utah.