Sunday, November 13, 2011


Aren't parades a little strange?  We line-up along the street and wait for floats, politicians, baseball teams, and local businesses to come by and throw us candy.  Strange or not, Jackson and Bowen enjoyed two fun parades this summer:  Draper Days Parade, and Spanish Fork Fiesta Days Parade!

Family Fun at Draper Days Parade.  Draper Days is in the middle of July, so it was a little toasty, but I wasn't complaining!

Jackson and Bowen anxiously waited for their treats, while Alivia wasn't too happy about her Firehouse Subs hat.  Alivia wasn't too sure about this parade stuff.  It was loud and hot, and even the candy didn't make it better for her.  Maybe next year!

We went to the Spanish Fork July 24th parade, just like I did every year growing up.  We missed Grandma Hanson so much.  It was so strange to not go back to her house after the parade for a yummy lunch and visit with her.  But we did gather for a great lunch at a park and played with cousins from the Hanson-side of the family. Each time one of these major traditions comes along, I realize how much I miss and love my Grams.

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